Night Train

Night Train
Pub date 1st April 2009
Original publisher Flower City Publishing House (China)

Chen Munian is an intelligent, quietly passionate young man, but he has lost his way. Only a few years ago he was just like all the other students on campus, rushing from class to canteen to dormitory, arms filled with piles of books and papers. The only place he stood out was in the classroom, where his sharp intelligence was obvious to lecturers and students alike. But now he works odd jobs around the campus and only one lecturer in the whole university will let him study with him. He is an outcast, shunned by his classmates and the subject of campus gossip.

Why? Because a few years ago he claimed to have killed a man.

Xu Zechen’s debut novel is the story of a young man’s quest for freedom and the extremes to which youthful passions will go.


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