New Art of Cookery

New Art of Cookery Vicky Hayward
Pub date 21st June 2017
Original publisher Rowman & Littlefield (WEL)
International publishers Ariel (Spain)




Winner of the Jane Grigson Trust Award 2017

Winner of the Aragonese Academy of Gastronomy’s 2017 Prize for Best Gastronomic Research

Best Publication of 2017 at the National Gastronomy Awards, Spain

Winner of the Juan Altamiras Prize, 2019: Ayuntamiento de La Almunia

In 1745, Juan Altamiras, a Franciscan friar from Aragon, published a ‘kitchen notebook’ of over 200 recipes, designed to feed both rich and poor in times of economic hardship. The book was an unexpected bestseller, appearing in twenty editions over the next 150 years, and it remains familiar to Spanish chefs and locals today.  When Vicky Hayward came across this culinary classic, she embarked on a journey of many years with Altamiras: cooking her way through the recipes, translating and updating them for a modern kitchen, and interweaving a new narrative that throws further light on the original text. New Art of Cookery is not only a collection of delicious Spanish recipes that anyone can make and enjoy, but can also be read as the history of a particular time and place, as seen through the kitchen. Filled with humorous anecdotes by Altamiras, and the added wisdom of Vicky Hayward, it fulfils the now popular desire to understand the history of what we eat.

‘A delicious way to taste history.’

– Clifford A. Wright, New York Journal of Books


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