Mein Zimmer im Haus des Krieges (My Room in the House of War)

Mein Zimmer im Haus des Krieges (My Room in the House of War) Janina Findeisen
Original publisher Germany: Piper Verlag, April 2019

In My Room In The House Of War the young German journalist Janina Findeisen tells the dramatic and moving story of her kidnapping in Syria in 2015. Driven by the desire to understand why her close school friend became radicalized, Janina Findeisen travels via the Turkish border into Syria to visit her. Syria is ravaged by war and Janina is pregnant – but Janina has Laura’s word. Nothing will happen to her. On her way back to the Turkish border Janina gets kidnapped and will spend the following 351 days in ten different houses, incarcerated and guarded by armed men. With the help of a female doctor she gives birth to a healthy baby boy. The diary she secretly kept is lost when she is released and to write this book she uses the mnemonic technique known as “Memory Palace”, which has helped her to reconstruct the places, conversations and situations.

A story of hope, resilience, love and the horrible consequences of war.


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