Love, Wine, and Other Highs: A Kind Of Memoir

Love, Wine, and Other Highs: A Kind Of Memoir Lauren Rae
Pub date 1st July 2022
Publisher (UK) Little A
Publisher (US) Little A

A candid, comical memoir about coming of age in the decade of bad dates, worse hair and non-stop Carrie Bradshaw.

Lauren Rae thought she had it all sussed out. Leaving her awkward teenage years in the past, the future was hers for the taking. Why shouldn’t she have it all? Dream job, beautiful home, perfect man, great friends…Like Whitney said, ‘I’m Every Woman’―and that’s just who Lauren would be too.

But growing up a young black woman in the early noughties wasn’t quite the dream Lauren had envisioned. Unpaid internships, disappointing men and lying friends challenged her mental strength and pushed her towards the wine bottle. But with a nagging sound that might have been depression ringing in her ears, Lauren picked up her pen and made it her mightiest weapon.

Set to the soundtrack of the new millennium, with Sex and the City on TV and Amy Winehouse on the radio, Lauren Rae’s frank, funny and sometimes heartbreaking memoir will ring more than a few bells for anyone who’s questioned whether they’ll ever find success and happiness.


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