Love Song

Love Song
Pub date 30th April 2016
Publisher (UK) Chicken House
International publishers Hugo et Cie (France)

Winner of The Goldsboro Books Romantic Novel of the Year 2017 at the RoNAs

Nina Baxter has had her heart broken more times than she cares to remember by the boy next door. But that’s fine. She’s even grateful – it’s made her the strong, boy-proof seventeen-year-old she is today.

However, Nina’s about to go on tour with The Point, the biggest band in the world, as assistant to the lead singer’s fiancée. It’s every girl’s dream except hers, it seems, but even Nina is forced to admit they’re hot.

Behind the screaming fans and the glamour, Jamie, Angus, Connor and George are hiding dark secrets. Their manager is worried they’re about to split apart. Nina can handle their bad behaviour, but can she handle what happens when she’s left alone with them? One thing’s for certain: in the world of rock, things will get broken …



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