Looking Glass Sound

Looking Glass Sound Catriona Ward
Pub date 20th April 2023
Publisher (UK) Viper

Failed writer Wilder Harlow has returned to the lonely cottage on the New England coast where years ago he wrote his first book, never published. Here, he intends to write his last — his masterpiece. Wilder’s protagonist is based on his nemesis, Sky, now dead. After the publication of Sky’s first novel, The Sound and the Dagger, Sky’s fame and ego drove them apart. Wilder’s last book will be a thinly veiled account of their friendship, and later, their enmity — a poisonous, New England Brideshead Revisited. This is Wilder’s revenge. As he writes, the lines between fiction and reality slip. Events in the manuscript start to chime eerily with the present. Wilder discovers notes in Sky’s handwriting in the cottage, written in his favorite green ink, making crushing comments about Wilder’s writing and broken heart. Is Sky haunting Wilder? Did Wilder have more to do with his death than he admits? And who is the woman he sees drowning in the cove? As Wilder goes deeper into the work, he fears he’s losing his grip on sanity. And a terrifying question raises its head – is he writing about Looking Glass Sound, or is he in it?


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