L'egoïste romantique (The Selfish Romantic)

L'egoïste romantique (The Selfish Romantic)
Pub date 30th April 2005
Original publisher Grasset (France)
International publishers BTC Sahinpasic (Bosnia), Colibri (Bulgaria), Beijing Yanziyue Culture & Art Studio (China), Palitra (Georgia), Ullstein (Germany), Zvaigzne (Latvia), Tri Publishing House (Macedonia), Azbooka-Atticus (Russia), Nha Nam (Vietnam)

The Selfish Romantic is a wildly funny and original romp. It begins in the year 2000 with Oscar Dufresne who is 34 years old. He is a selfish, cowardly and cynical sex maniac. Oscar courts women in a cavalier fashion but falls in love and attempts to console the bachelor within himself. The title owes its legitimacy to Fitzgerald and the humour of the novel is indebted to Helen Fielding, as Oscar is in essence the male Bridget Jones.


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