Le parole lo sanno (You Will Find the Words)

Le parole lo sanno (You Will Find the Words) Marco Franzoso
Pub date 10th March 2020
Original publisher Mondadori (Italy)





When Alberto learns that he has a terminal illness, he pretends to be blind in order to create a barrier between himself and the world. He seeks refuge in a park far away from the noise of the city and day after day, he sits on the same bench. Here, despite his illness, he rediscovers the joy in being alive. He listens to the leaves blowing in the wind, the light filtering through the foliage and the birdsong. One day, a young woman called Flavia sits down beside him. They talk and he learns that she has a baby and an obsessively jealous and violent husband.

Something simple, surprising and unexpected is born between them. They share understanding, the desire to find themselves and an attraction – perhaps the love that neither of them has experienced before.

Alberto becomes more and more affected by Flavia’s predicament. As he has nothing to lose, he decides to act – he commits an extreme act of violence which he believes will improve the life of the woman he loves. He will never know if his decision will liberate her or condemn her to unhappiness. At this point all that he has left is to write. He confides in a diary, now convinced that “words always know where they must go” and that in ways unknown to him, sooner or later they will arrive with Flavia.

This is a story within a story, within a greater story, using a technically perfect structure. Marco Franzoso is not afraid of the heart and he confronts the romantic novel with delicacy and passion.

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