Le Maître de l'Océan (The Master of the Ocean)

Le Maître de l'Océan (The Master of the Ocean) Diane Ducret
Original publisher Flammarion (2022)

The Master of the Ocean is a gripping spiritual novella, inspired by the French ‘Contes philosophiques’, popular internationally in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Diane Ducret has created an adventure story for our times, exploring Taoism and the wisdom of Lao Tzu.

Hubei, China. One courageous mother, Yunhe, toils daily in the fields to provide for her only son.  Just before Yunhe’s untimely death, she dreams of a golden sanctuary, high in the mountains. Her son decides to dedicate his life to understanding his mother’s final dream.  His uncle, takes him to the Celestial Master of a Taoist temple in the Wudang mountains. There, he is invited to join the Taoist temple, but he struggles to live an ascetic life.  He experiences an overwhelming call to explore the ocean. The Celestial Master agrees on the basis that he should only return once he has heard what the ocean has to say.

Equipped with a letter, the boy travels to Marseille, where a Priest takes him to the monastery of Mont St Michel.  In Europe, he learns about Christianity, he is inspired by surfers who embrace the sea, and he dives deep into the ocean to hear its heartbeat. Only when he has understood what the ocean has to say, will he return to the Hubei mountains and discover his true calling. The Master of the Ocean fuses Eastern philosophy and Western religion, while inviting the reader to travel alongside the protagonist on a powerful journey of self-reflection.



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