L'Amour dure trois ans (Love Lasts Three Years)

L'Amour dure trois ans (Love Lasts Three Years)
Pub date 31st December 1998
Original publisher Grasset (France)
Publisher (UK) Fourth Estate (WEL)
International publishers BTC Sahinpasic (Bosnia), Beijing Yanziyue (China), Le Grande Livre du Mois (France), Piper (Germany), Feltrinelli (Italy), Zvaigzne (Latvia), Tri (Macedonia),TREI (Romania), Azbooka-Atticus (Russia), Anagrama (Spain), SEL Yayincilk (Turkey), Krajina Mriy (Ukraine), Nha Nam (Vietnam)

In Love Lasts Three Years our hero Marc has just been divorced and – shallow opportunist that he is – has decided to write a book about it. He has a theory that love lasts no more than three years, and here – while recounting the highs and lows of his marriage and taking us through brash nightclubs, vainglorious offices and soulless designer apartments – he brings to bear the theoretical and the empirical to prove his point. Both frightening and funny, the book reads like a diary: sometimes tender and real, sometimes fantastical and cruel, peppered with Beigbeder’s acerbic one-liners and trademark wit.

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