Kevin the Vampire: A Wild and Wicked Witch

Kevin the Vampire: A Wild and Wicked Witch Matt Brown
Pub date 14th March 2024
Original publisher Nosy Crow

A FANG-tastically funny adventures series, perfect for 7+ readers and fans of Amelia Fang!

If Kevin the Vampire was already beside himself with excitement at visiting the Festival of Fear, he’s now even more so. His new best friend Susie and an extremely rare draffin called Gerald have joined his family’s carnival. It’s going to be better than ever! They might even win Carnival of the Year…

But because they are running late, Kevin’s family need to take a shortcut through the perilous Wild Woods, where no one ever goes because of the extremely wicked witch who lives there. But that should be fine as long as no one gets out and no one eats anything … right?

Kevin will be at the Festival before he knows it. After all, nothing ever goes wrong for the Carnival Monstromo…

Look out for Kevin’s other adventure, A Most Mysterious Monster!


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