Inside Putin's Russia

Pub date 4th April 2005
Publisher (UK) Granta
Publisher (US) Oxford University Press
International publishers Feltrinelli (Italy), B.I.C. All Publishers (Romania)
He emerged from the shadows of the Soviet secret police and lowly government jobs to become the most powerful man in Russia. Since Vladimir Putin was propelled into the Kremlin in 2000, he has defied domestic and foreign expectations, by presiding over a period of strong economic growth, significant restructuring and rising international prestige. Yet Putin himself remains a man of mystery and contradictions; he has pursued an increasingly pro-western foreign policy and liberal economic reforms, while continuing a hardline war in Chechnya and introducing tighter controls over parliament, the regions and the media, which are reminiscent of the Soviet era. Inside Putin's Russia digs behind the rumours and speculation, tracing Putin's rise to power and assessing how he has performed in office, and the changing nature of the Russia he rules. It draws on interviews with Putin himself, and a number of the country's leading figures, as well as many ordinary Russians. Andrew Jack's conclusions are important for anyone interested in the recent past and future of Russia.


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