I Know a Trick Worth Two of That

I Know a Trick Worth Two of That
Pub date 1st January 1986
Original publisher Tor

Sam Holt spent years playing Packard, everyone's favorite TV-detective; he's got no desire to play sleuth in real life. But when a long-lost pal calls with a rant about conspiracies, sinister cargo ships and hit men, and then gets poisoned at a party full of Holt's closest friends, there doesn't seem to be a lot of choice. Sure, Holt could leave it to the cops and cross his fingers. But Packard would never have taken such a weenie's way out. And Holt, to his astonishment, finds that he can't take it, either.


Praise for I Know a Trick Worth Two of That

 “Adopting his hero's name, the pseudonymous author presents a wonderfully devious tale … No matter who this author is, he delivers smashing adventures.” - Publishers Weekly

“A smashing adventure with swift, tense developments that will surprise even the keenest whodunit fan” - Publishers Weekly

“Amateur detectives are worth a dime a dozen; here’s one worth at least a buck” - New York Times


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