How Was It For You?

How Was It For You? Eve
Pub date 20th June 2024
Publisher (UK) Pan Macmillan

Eve reveals her life as a mother, partner, sex worker, hostess in a strip club and dominatrix.

Responding to the relentless attacks on sex work by MPs and the police, as well as trying to make sense of the pitiful opportunities for progression in minimum wage jobs, Eve takes an informed look at the parts of the system which, perhaps more than ever, make it impossible for people with fewer opportunities to thrive. We sit by her side in front of the computer and walk with her while she visits rich men at their Caribbean villas. We’re with her as she discovers she’s pregnant and decides to give her body another job: growing and giving birth to a baby. We perch in the public gallery as she is dragged in and out of courtrooms by the law. We’re alongside her in a cell as she contemplates the true meaning of freedom.


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