Glyph: Geniuses, Sceptics and Dead Scripts Brought Back to Life

Daniel Harbour
Publisher (UK) Bloomsbury (inc. Commonwealth)
International publishers Aufbau Verlag (Germany), Nieuw Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Critica (Spain)

Glyph is an enthralling history of decipherment. Describing how codes were cracked and scripts unlocked, often for the first time in millennia, it will follow the paths of the great decipherments from Mayan to Egyptian Hieroglyphs, and from Ancient Chinese to modern day ciphers.

Glyph will tell tales of human obsession and frustration, delving into the lives and minds of the individuals who dedicated themselves to unlocking dead languages. However, alongside being a straightforward narrative, Glyph will also offer an extra dimension. Readers will be able to solve the mysteries of dead scripts for themselves as they progress through the book.


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