Pub date 1st January 2001
Original publisher Mysterious Press
Publisher (UK) Quercus
International publishers Payot et Rivages (France), Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag (Germany), Zmora Bitan (Israel)

Donald Westlake writing as Richard Stark

Parker put down the body and answered the phone. And from that moment on he had two jobs to do. One was to rob a remote Montana lodge where a dot-com billionaire hid stolen art treasures in his basement. The other was to find out why a hit man had come to Parker's home - and who had sent him. The master thief wasn't the only one in his crew with scores to settle. Recently released from prison, Lloyd is the brains behind the Montana heist, the only guy who can crack the lodge's alarm system. But Lloyd had a quarrel with some former partners - and a temper. And when he explodes, and shoots a guy through the eye, Parker just happens to be by his side. Now Parker and his would-be partner are both cutting swaths of destruction on their way to Montana. With broken bodies and broken promises piling up behind them, one question remains: Is there enough room in this heist for both men to come out alive?


Praise for Firebreak

“Tough, taut, and sublimely bad-tempered.”

- Kirkus


“Parker and crew have their eyes on the contents of a secret vault in a billionaire's hunting lodge in this typically taut thriller written by Donald E. Westlake … [E]nough plot twists and surprises to satisfy the most modern audience … in this deliciously nasty read.”

 - Publisher’s Weekly


“Like all of Stark’s Parker novels, Firebreak is a brutal yet compelling glimpse into the amoral world of crime and revenge.”

- Booklist


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