Entre en mi vida (Come Into My Life)

Entre en mi vida (Come Into My Life)
Pub date 2012
Original publisher Destino (Spain)
International publishers Marabout (France), Park (Hungary), Lesbok (Iceland), Keter (Israel), Garzanti (Italy), Cargo (The Netherlands), Znak (Poland), Hemiro (Russia), Pegasus (Turkey)

In the 1980s, when Verónica was ten years old, she found in her father’s wallet a photo of a girl she had never seen before. Something told her it was better not to ask any questions. Since then, she has lived with the suspicion that the sadness, the arguments and the silences invading her home were proof of something hidden that no one wanted to talk about. Years later, when her mother falls ill, the adolescent Verónica finds herself confronted with a past of which she knows almost nothing, a stolen past that will bring her closer and closer to the girl in the photograph.

Meanwhile, Laura has always felt that something was wrong in her family. She has grown up insecure, in the shadow of her demanding grandmother and a mother who barely took care of her.

One day, Verónica steps into the shoe shop where Laura works. It takes Laura only one look at this determined, tenacious girl to understand that there are decisive moments which are turning points in life, even if at times they are hard to recognise.

Unravelling the intricate web of lies and manipulation upon which their lives are built, both Verónica and Laura realise that learning the truth will demand their unconditional love and extraordinary courage. The path towards it is risky and there can be no return and, as emotions spiral out of control, it will also be extremely dangerous.



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