Elspeth Hart and the School for Show-Offs

Elspeth Hart and the School for Show-Offs Sarah Forbes
Pub date 4th May 2015
Publisher (UK) Stripes Publishing

Ever since her parents were tragically washed away in a flood, Elspeth Hart has been forced to live in the attic of the Pandora Pants School for Show-offs with her disgusting aunt, Miss Crabb. She spends her days waiting on the spoiled school students, helping out in the kitchen with her aunt’s awful assistant Gladys Goulash and dodging Tatiana Firensky, the most horrible show-off of them all.

But when a knock on the head from a falling book brings back some of Elspeth’s memories from before the flood, she suspects that Miss Crabb is hiding something. Elspeth hatches a daring escape plan, involving the high-profile Look at Us! Festival, a pair of smelly underpants and a top-secret Extra-Special Sticky Toffee Sauce.

Perfect for fans of Roald Dahl, David Walliams and Lemony Snicket, Elspeth’s quirky adventures with larger-than-life characters is sure to be a hit with young readers.


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