Die Schuld der Anderen (The Guilt of Others)

Die Schuld der Anderen (The Guilt of Others)
Pub date 19th January 2015
Original publisher Berlin Verlag (Germany)
International publishers Actes Sud (France), Neri Pozza (Italy)

It is summer in Paris and the heat is stifling when a small article in a newspaper catches the eye of journalist Marc Rappaport.

The 27 year old murder case of a prostitute has apparently been solved with the help of modern technology. Marc is intrigued and when he starts to find out more he soon realises that it is not as straightforward as it would seem and he begins to investigate. 

His investigations lead him deep into the French hinterland and to a chemical company whose workers have been dying of a terrible disease for the last 30 years. An abyss of corruption and cover-ups opens up in front of him and Marc Rappaport almost falls victim himself as old cliques are still in power and not only in political circles but very close to home.

The Guilt of Others is a deeply atmospheric, wonderfully written and incredibly smart novel about French society as a mirror of our times.


Praise for The Guilt of Others

‘Lustiger has written a great social novel, set in France and depicting the recent history of the country, such as her social and economic circumstances, with extraordinary precision ... Gila Lustiger never draws her characters in black and white. A critical thinker, she orchestrates a social discourse, allowing readers to participate in her characters’ contradictions and emotions. This makes them come alive and renders the novel […] very powerful.’ – Deutschlandradio Kultur, Buchkritik

‘Gila Lustiger’s new, almost 500-page opus succeeds in being a thrilling, exciting novel ... With great sensibility, Gila Lustiger delves into the abysses of French society in the 1980s and ruthlessly uncovers the weaker parts of society. What really makes the novel is her style, elegance and a tight use of language.’  –Deutschlandradio Kultur, Lesart 

‘[The Guilt of Others] uncovers a thrilling murder case and reveals an incredibly relevant and multi-faceted panorama of Paris and French society as a whole. Almost 500 gripping pages […] a mirror of our times in the form of a crime story.’ – Bayern 2 “Diwan”

‘Gila Lustiger describes with accuracy a changing French society. […] Her characters are multi-layered, full of flaws and contractions – even the likeable Marc has his weaknesses. This book is fascinating, and its language brings pleasure. A novel about the French nation that fits into our time.’ – rbb Inforadio 

'A story of unbelievable entanglement […] atmospheric, thrilling and clever – a great social novel.’ – 

‘Gila Lustiger conceptualizes la Grande Nation in a unique way: the country and its people come to life whilst she presents one of France’s most appalling economic scandals in a captivating social novel. A magnificently written and thrilling novel which one can barely put aside thanks to the author’s artful story-telling.’ – 

‘The novel is narrated with such ease, and yet so thrillingly, that even though it’s close to 500 pages long, you cannot put it down.’ – Donna 

‘Gila Lustiger draws a complex and atmospheric picture of a country and its people. A social novel narrated almost effortlessly, which deserves to be read alongside the great Masters.’ – Buchmarkt 


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