Diary of D

Diary of D Ahmed Saadawi
Pub date 1st December 2019
Original publisher Dar Altanweer/Nabu (Arabic)

Baghdad. 2005. Diyala – or D – is a fifteen-year-old girl who isn’t sure what she wants from life, but knows what she doesn’t want. Handicapped at birth and abandoned by her mother, Diyala has never been like other girls her age.

As Diyala grapples with society’s expectations of her while Divalon – her shadow being – thrives on her every emotion. Whereas Diyala battles for mere survival in an increasingly dangerous city where ISIS has gained a foothold, the elites of the Shadow World try to quell an uprising by those who want to help the humans they have grown to love, who want to go beyond simply feasting on the energy of their emotions.

Splashed across the pages of D’s diary is a very different view of Baghdad from what was portrayed in the award-winning Frankenstein in Baghdad. Yes, violence abounds, but of greater import is the journey of an ordinary girl, faced with life-altering choices, who unearths unimagined reserves of strength to overcome life’s obstacles and finds the resolve to become who she wasn’t meant to be.


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