Dead Jealous

Dead Jealous
Pub date 1st August 2013
Publisher (UK) Orchard

Poppy St John stopped believing in just about everything when her dad left. However, when it comes to a choice between attending her mum and step-father’s hand-fasting ceremony at a Pagan festival, or going to a party where she'll have to watch her best friend (and secret love), Michael, smooching with his current girlfriend, the goddess wins, hands down. But when Poppy finds a body in the lake and the police are calling it accidental death, Poppy calls it murder.  Determined to prove she’s right, Poppy begins an investigation of her own.  Why does Kane, the enigmatic tarot-card reader, look as if he’s seen a ghost the first time he sets eyes on Poppy?  Who is the mysterious figure watching from the hillside?  Why does the boy at the burger bar have to be so darned attractive and why does Michael keep turning up at completely the wrong moment?  Then, when the police suddenly announce they have a murder investigation on their hands and that it might have been a ritual killing, throwing an uncomfortable spotlight onto the festival-goers, Poppy becomes convinced she knows who the murderer is.  And he’s right there, at the festival.  But no-one is who they seem to be and, slipping ever deeper into a web of lies, jealousy and heart-stopping danger, Poppy comes to realise – too late – that the one thing that can save her has been right there, all the time.

Age Group: Young Adult 12+

Undiscovered Voices 2012 Winner




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