Dancing Aztecs

Dancing Aztecs
Pub date 1st January 1976
Original publisher M. Evans
International publishers Editions Payot et Rivages (France)

From the "master of the rolling scam", here is a hilarious crime caper set in New York. A hot hustler is searching for a million-dollar Aztec sculpture that is accidentally mixed with cheap plaster copies. From Harlem to Greenwich, a motley cast chases the lost piece.

The 1997 French Comedy ‘La divine poursuite’ was an adaptation of this Westlake novel.


Praise for Dancing Aztecs

“Dancing Aztecs… still makes me guffaw with pleasure years after I read it.” - Los Angeles Times

“Everyone who’s read Donald Westlake knows he’s the funniest man in the world.” - The Washington Post

“Westlake has no peer in the realm of comic mystery novelists.” - San Francisco Chronicle


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