Cuando llega la luz (When the Light Comes)

Cuando llega la luz (When the Light Comes)
Pub date 2016
Original publisher Destino (Spain)
International publishers Garzanti (Italy)

The eagerly awaited sequel to The Scent of Lemon Leaves, one of the best-selling Spanish books of the last decade.

Can you protect the person you love the most? The past will always catch up with you, and now you must face it…

Over the last year and a half, Sandra’s life has changed completely. She has moved from the Costa Blanca to Madrid, along with her new-born son  Janín, putting the past behind her. But one day, picking Janín up from nursery, she finds an anonymous note in her backpack: ‘Where is your friend Julián?’ At that moment, the fortress she has built around her crumbles: her child is in danger. Sandra realizes she must go back to where it all started, where she learned that the truth can be worse than a  nightmare. Even though she hasn’t heard from him for a long time, Sandra must track Julián down: only he could know who wrote the note and why.

Meanwhile, Julián is living in the Tres Olivos Retirement Home. He knows that the fight is not over, and has continued his quest to expose former  Nazis living on the Iberian Peninsula. Now some of these octogenarians have moved into the home with Julián, and he must preserve his anonymity to stay safe. But when Sandra’s son is kidnapped, he knows he must act – and quickly.

Following on from The Scent of Lemon Leaves, When the Light Comes immerses us in a story of love and courage, memory and guilt, hope and strength. This is a gripping tale of vengeance, the limits of evil and the strength that lurks almost invisibly in the darkest reaches of humanity.



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