Crete: The Battle and the Resistance

Crete: The Battle and the Resistance Antony Beevor
Pub date 25th June 1992
Publisher (UK) John Murray
Publisher (US) West View Press
International publishers Record (Brazil), Lindhardt & Ringhof (Denmark), Govostis (Greece), Ambos-Anthos (Netherlands), WSOY (Finland), Yavneh (Israel), RCS Libri Spa (Italy), Cappelen Damm (Norway), Znak (Poland), Critica (Spain)



A riveting account of the fall of Greece, the Battle of Crete, and the Cretan Resistance, from the beginning of World War II to its end.

‘Excellent… an arresting account of the whole war on Crete, including the ghastly experiences of the Cretans under German occupation.’ – John Keegan.


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