Convergence Peter Watson
Pub date 28th July 2016
Original publisher Simon & Schuster (UK/US)
International publishers Yilin (China), Critica (Italy), Cum Libro (Korea), Linking (Taiwan), Kolektif Kitap (Turkey), Knigolove (Ukraine)

Convergence is a history of modern science but told with a marked twist. The twist in its argument is that the various disciplines, despite their very different beginnings, and apparent areas of interest, have been gradually coming together over the past 150 years, coalescing to tell one master narrative, one overwhelming interconnected coherent story. Physics has been joined to chemistry, quantum chemistry with molecular biology, particle physics with astronomy, paediatrics with ethology, psychology with physics, chemistry and economics, genetics with linguistics, botany with archaeology – and so on. This is a simple insight but one with profound consequences.



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