Come d'aria

Come d'aria Ada d'Adamo
Pub date 13th January 2023
Original publisher Elliot Edizioni (Italy)
International publishers Todavia (Brazil), Ginkgo (Shanghai) Book Co. (China), Naklada Ljevak (Croatia), Logha Publishing (Egypt/ world Arabic), Grasset & Fasquelle (France), Eisele (Germany), Psichogios (Greece), Hayakawa Shobo (Japan), De Arbeiderspers (Netherlands), Albatros (Poland), Porto (Portugal), Lumen/PRH (Spain).

Daria is the daughter, whose fate has been marked since her birth by the lack of a diagnosis. Ada is the mother, who on the threshold of her fifties discovers she is ill.

This discovery becomes an opportunity to address her daughter directly and tell her their story. Everything goes through the bodies of Ada and Daria: daily struggles, anger, secrets, but also unexpected joys and moments of infinite tenderness. Words cross time, in a constant intertwining of past and present. A story of extraordinary strength and truth, where every moment is offered to the reader as a gift.

Winner of the Strega Prize 2023

Winner of the Flaiano Prize 2023
Special Prize for Fiction

Winner of the Mondello Prize 2023

Campiello Prize 2023
Special Mention

Winner of the Strega Giovani Prize 2023



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