Bad News

Bad News
Pub date 1st January 2001
Original publisher Mysterious Press
Publisher (UK) eBook (Kindle)

Dortmunder and his usual companions, whilst busy proving that crime does not pay, find themselves involved with felonies both high and low. What begins as a simple grave robbery escalates into high-stakes confrontations at an American Indian gambling casino, a burglary that's such a perfect crime no one realises it happened, and assaults on the infallibility of DNA testing so complex even the characters are left wondering whose head they're scratching. Through thick and thin John Dortmunder as usual prevails - more or less. Out of the skier-infested slopes of New York State through storm and fire, through city and country slickers, past a judge whose only prayer is that he never meets an interesting case, Dortmunder slogs on, with or without the bacon. For him, getting there is all the fun. It's a good thing his faithful companion, May, has kept her day job.



Praise for Bad News:

“Hilarious. The best workout your sense of humour will get this millennium.”

- Kirkus


 “Now that Westlake has resumed both the Dortmunder series and (writing as Richard Stark) the Parker novels, his fans again have a choice of the amusing, relatively benign capers of the Dortmunder clan and the cold crimes of the felonious Parker and his endless trail of bloody bodies and blown safes. This latest carries on the Dortmunder tradition and raises it to new standards.”

Publisher’s Weekly


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