Baby, Would I Lie?

Baby, Would I Lie?
Pub date 1st January 1994
Original publisher Mysterious Press
International publishers Editions Payot et Rivages (France)

Intrepid reporter Sara Joslyn, having escaped the clutches of the supermarket tabloid Weekly Galaxy, is finally going to be allowed to practice "clean journalism." Unfortunately, editor Jack Ingersoll has other plans, assigning her to a gory sex-murder trial in Branson, Missouri, home to more country stars than there are in the heavens. While delving into the muck, rake in hand, Sara runs into her old comrades from the Galaxy - Binx Radwell, Boy Cartwright, and the Down Under Trio among them. At the eye of this journalistic cyclone is country musician Ray Jones; is he guilty of the grisly murder, and what else is he up to, if anything? The lyrics to eleven Ray Jones hits are sprinkled throughout the novel and are an important accompaniment to the proceedings, if only Sara and Jack can keep their fingers out of their ears long enough to hear it...


Praise for Baby, Would I Lie?

“Only comic-mystery king Westlake could make this sordid case funny … still better than anybody else currently working the field.” - Kirkus

“For light entertainment conducted by an ace practitioner, they don't come any better than this.” - Publishers Weekly

“yet another of the author's sprightly comic crime capers … The action is jet-fast, and the satiric commentary on country western stars and fans is wonderfully wicked. This enjoyable romp will do well in popular collections.” - Library Journal


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