Au secours, pardon (Help, Please)

Au secours, pardon (Help, Please)
Pub date 6th June 2007
Original publisher Grasset (France)
International publishers Qanun (Azerbaijan), Colibri (Bulgaria), Palitra (Georgia), De Geus (Netherlands), Trei/Pandora (Romania), Azbooka-Atticus (Russia),  Booka (Serbia), Anagrama (Spain), La Campana (Spain-Catalan), Krajina Mriy (Ukraine), Nha Nam (Vietnam)

Au secours, pardon tells the story of a man and a woman who realise true freedom doesn’t exist. In Moscow, Octave Parango is employed by a cosmetics brand to find the prettiest woman in the world. Lena with her sulky determination and the beauty of a demonic angel is his foil. In chilly Moscow and St. Petersburg, can Lena and Octave be saved or are they damned?  Which one will save the other? Who will die first?

A film adaptation, L’Idéal, was released in France in 2016, directed by the author.


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