Amber Green Takes Manhattan

Amber Green Takes Manhattan Rosie Nixon
Pub date 29th June 2017
Publisher (UK) HQ
Publisher (US) William Morrow

The sequel to The Stylist finds Amber Green in love and embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to move to New York for six months. Desperate not to be seen as her boyfriend Rob’s ‘dependent’ she embarks on rekindling her styling career.

A couple of catastrophic social media faux pas catapult her back into the fashion spotlight with a bang and a chance meeting with a once disgraced well-known designer and a reformed wild-child star could be the start of something big.

Meanwhile, Amber is trying not to be jealous of the ever lengthening limbs on the models Rob is working with as he makes a documentary about a fabled underwear company. When an opportunity arises to work with him styling the biggest fashion show Manhattan has ever seen, Amber rises to the challenge. But who is trying to sabotage the show? And why has her best friend turned up in tears on her apartment doorstep, carrying a large suitcase?

Life on the fashion front line was never going to be straight forward, especially in the city that never sleeps…


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