Ada Christian Berkel
Pub date 12th October 2020
Original publisher Ullstein (Germany)
International publishers Eksmo (Russia)

In his new novel Christian Berkel tells the story of Ada. She fled to Argentina from post-war Germany with her Jewish mother, grew up fatherless in a Catholic country and finally returned to Berlin in 1955. Germany is a foreign country whose language she doesn’t speak. Ada meets the long-awaited father Otto, but family happiness does not materialize. In a society that is still very authoritarian, Ada’s longing for freedom and independence grows. The student movements of the 1960s set her free. In Paris she gets to know the world of fashion and art from her aunt Lola. In the end there is Woodstock – a three-day mystical experience that changes Ada.

Against the backdrop of revolutionary historical events, Christian Berkel tells of guilt and love, of speechlessness and longing, of searching and arriving – and once again proves himself to be masterful narrator.


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