A Jade in Aries

A Jade in Aries
Pub date 1st January 1970
Original publisher Random House
International publishers Payot & Rivages (France)

Mitch Tobin's latest case draws him into a world he knows nothing about, a world of astrology and homosexuality. All Mitch has to do is find Jamie Dearborn's killer before he strikes against the Brooklyn Heights gay enclave again. Before he can do that, though, he has to win the trust of Jamie's friends, avoid the grasp of a gay-hating cop, and protect Ronald Cornell, Jamie's lover, from trying to solve the case on his own.


Praise for A Jade in Aries

“A motley cast turning through a dizzying variety of plot twists will keep readers laughing. Most risible is the perfectly sensible bewilderment of Westlake's Runyonesque New Yorkers at life upstate: ‘If we stay here much longer, we'll start buying one another birthday cards.’ Vintage Westlake.” - Publishers Weekly

“Entertainment of the highest order.” - San Diego Tribune


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