A Good Hiding

A Good Hiding
Pub date 4th August 2016
Publisher (UK) Atom (Little Brown)

'In Belfast you can walk for miles without being seen. Not because there aren't many people, but because nobody sees you.'

With the help of her best friend, Stephen, pregnant Nollaig is hiding out in the shadows of a church near her home. Bizarrely, after a few weeks, with friends and family believing she is dead, Nollaig witnesses her own Memorial Service. How long can she hold out before the vicar, whom she and Stephen have found a way to blackmail, lets on that they are there?   

Sensitively and often humorously told, this is 15-year-old Nollaig’s story, but it is also Stephen’s – and that of the vicar, who both have secrets they’re struggling to hide.


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