Busayo Matuluko

Busayo Matuluko

Busayo Matuluko is a Black British Nigerian nurse and YA/Crossover writer. She is also an extremely opinionated award-nominated BookToker who loves talking about her favourite diverse books.

As someone who grew up reading many books without the representation she desired or with topics she hated seeing her people involved in, she started writing to fulfil that. In her work, she will always find a way to wriggle in two people falling in love.

When she’s not writing you can find her on Twitter at weird hours of the night tweeting her most random thoughts, or binge watching TV shows she’s already watched about a thousand times.

Busayo Matuluko is represented by Gyamfia Osei.

Twitter: @BusayoMatuluko

Instagram: @compulsivebookbuyers

TikTok: @compulsivebookbuyers