A Thousand Paper Birds

A Thousand Paper Birds Tor Udall
Pub date 15th June 2017
Original publisher Bloomsbury (WEL)
International publishers Le Livre de Poche (France), BTB (Germany), Garzanti (Italy), Xander (The Netherlands), Jacaranda (Portugal), Eksmo (Russia)  

After the death of his wife, Jonah roams Kew Gardens trying to reassemble the shattered pieces of his life. Chloe finds solace in the origami she meticulously folds. But when she meets Jonah, her defences threaten to fall. Milly – a child quick to laugh – freely explores Kew. But where does she go when the gardens are closed? Harry saves plants from extinction. He longs for something – or someone – to root him to the earth.

Audrey links these strangers. As the mystery of her death unravels, the characters weather the passing seasons to learn that stories, like paper, can be reformed.




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