Trix Solier

Trix Solier Sergey Lukianenko
Pub date 1st January 2010
Original publisher AST (Russia)
International publishers Shanghai Insight (China), Argo (Czech Republic), Julius Beltz (Germany), Fanucci (Italy), MAG (Poland)




14-year-old Trix Solier is a naïve and clumsy book-loving boy who also happens to be a Duke’s son. He lives quietly and happily with his parents until Sator Gris, the other Duke with whom his father shares his Dukedom, raids his castle. Believ-ing his parents to have died in the ensuing battle, Trix runs for his life into the world beyond. After several adventures Trix discovers that he has magical powers and becomes apprentice to the great magician, Sauerampfer. He meets Tiana, a young Duchess, who is also a runaway – trying to escape being forced to marry the evil King of Vitamenten. When Tiana is captured, Trix has to rescue her. He gathers his new friends about him and follows Vitamenten’s ship. Through all the twists and turns, Trix learns that being smart and knowing about the power of words is much more useful than having a lot of muscles.

Age Group: 11+


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