The Retreat

The Retreat
Pub date 14th April 2022
Publisher (UK) Transworld
Publisher (US) Pamela Dorman Books
International publishers Intrinseca (Brazil), Euromedia (Czech Republic), Michel Lafon (France), Psichogios (Greece), XXI. Század Kiadó (Hungary), Ucila (Slovenia), Atico de los Libros (Spain)



Most are here to recharge and refresh.
But someone’s here for revenge . . .

An eco-wellness retreat has opened on an island off the coast of Devon, promising rest and relaxation – but the island itself, known locally as Reaper’s Rock, has a dark past. Once the playground of a serial killer, it’s rumoured to be cursed.

DS Elin Warner is called to the retreat when a young woman’s body is found on the rocks below the yoga pavilion, in what seems to be a tragic fall. But the victim wasn’t a guest – she wasn’t meant to be on the island at all.

When a man drowns in a diving incident the following day, Elin starts to suspect that there’s nothing accidental about these deaths. But why would someone target the retreat – and who else is in danger?

Elin must find the killer – before the island’s history starts to repeat itself . . .


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