The Origins of Civilisation

Hao Jingfang
International publishers Ediciones B (Spain), Monokl (Turkey)  
Publisher (UK) Head of Zeus
Publisher (US) Saga/Simon & Schuster

February 2156. Wars rage across Planet Earth, with many historic cities razed to the ground…

When a handsome young astronomer called Jiangliu receives a mysterious summons to Qin Ling province, a mountainous area near the ancient Chinese capital of Xi’an, he accepts out of curiosity. In the wilderness stands an elegant but badly damaged museum building, where a young woman called Yun Fan welcomes him. Yun Fan and her family have for many centuries guarded the museum’s relics, which include bronze vessels from the Yin and Zhou dynasties. They have also guarded a secret relating to the origins and evolution of the human civilisation, which Yun Fan now reveals to Jiangliu.

She believes that once every two thousand years, Earth is visited by an alien species, who impart their knowledge to the human race, helping them to grow and evolve. Evidence for this lies in the similarity between the motifs on the museum’s bronze vessels and the structure of the Milky Way, which is also echoed in the motifs of other ancient civilisations, from the Mayans to the Egyptians. To further prove her theory, Yun Fan shows Jiangliu a beacon in the museum, which lies next to the tomb of a great emperor. Usually, the beacon is inactive, but recently it has begun to shine, projecting holographic images from Earth’s history. Yun Fan believes that this is a signal that the aliens will soon return to Earth once more, and she enlists Jiangliu’s help as an astronomer to calculate how far away the alien spacecraft is.

So begins an adventure which will see the pair, along with two friends of Jiangliu, set out to prove the theory behind the origins of civilization which has been kept secret for so long, and eventually make contact with the alien species who have been so instrumental in the history of man-kind…


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