The New Watch

The New Watch Sergey Lukianenko
Pub date 1st May 2012
Original publisher AST (Russia)
Publisher (UK) William Heinemann
Publisher (US) Miramax Books
International publishers InfoDar (Bulgaria), Shanghai 99 (China), Argo + Tri-ton (Czech Republic), Heyne (Germany), Metropolis Media (Hungary), MAG (Poland), Alnari (Serbia), Eurasian Press (Tawian)


The New Watch is a stand-alone novel set in the world of Lukianenko’s popular Watch series.

Imagine a world where vampires, shape-shifters, werewolves, healers and magicians live side-by-side with humanity. The forces of Light and Dark are in a state of cold war, enforced by the Others of the Night Watch – agents of the Light – and the Day Watch – agents of the Dark.

A ten-year-old prophet has a terrible prediction to make, but is being stalked by a Tiger, a murderous being of the Dark whose task is to kill prophets before their prophecies can be heard by humans – after which they are inevitably fulfilled. The only way for the boy Prophet to survive is for him to speak his prophecy out loud without it being heard by anyone, human or Other. Senior Light Other Anton Gorodetsky is entrusted with a recording of his prophecy, and the Tiger is satisfied – but should Anton listen to the recording, he will become the Tiger’s next target.

After accidentally hearing part of the prophecy, Anton comes to realise the choice he faces: should the prophecy be fulfilled, The Darkness will be destroyed – but at the expense of also destroying all the magic in the world, depriving the Others of their powers. Anton is ready to fight his own war for the existence of magic – but is he fighting for the good of humanity or the safety of his loved ones?

This is an exuberant fantasy with visual prose, imaginative invention, and apocalyptic confrontations carrying the narrative along at a great pace.


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