The Last Watch

The Last Watch Sergey Lukianenko
Pub date 1st January 2006
Original publisher AST (Russia)
Publisher (UK) William Heinemann
Publisher (US) Miramax Books
International publishers Info Dar (Bulgaria), Shanghai 99 Reader’s Cultural (China), Triton (Czech Republic), Alliance (Georgia), Random House (Germany), Metropolis (Hungary), Arnaldo Mondadori (Italy),  Eridanas (Lithuania), Wydawnictwo MAG (Poland), Alnari (Serbia),  Eurasian Press (Taiwan), Pegasus (Turkey),  Tre (Vietnam)

While on holiday in Scotland, visiting a macabre tourist attraction, ‘The Dungeons of Edinburgh’, a young Russian tourist is murdered. As the police grapple with the fact that the cause of the young man’s death was a massive loss of blood, the Watches are immediately aware that there is a renegade vampire on the loose. Anton – the hero of The Night Watch tetralogy – is detailed to this seemingly mundane investigation, but on arriving in Scotland begins to realise that there is much more to the story than a wildcat vampire and a single murder.

Aided by Thomas, the head of Edinburgh’s Night Watch, Anton investigates and ruminates, and becomes aware that a team of unlicensed Others are hunting for a fabled magical treasure, hidden in the sixth level of the Twilight by Merlin himself.

Well, this story ends more or less well for both the Others and the people….but do you believe in all earnest that this is really the final Watch?


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