The Fidget

The Fidget Sergey Lukianenko
Pub date 1st January 2011
Original publisher AST (Russia)
International publishers Julius Beltz (Germany), MAG (Poland)




Trix Solier is famous for his adventures and nobody calls him The Klutz anymore. Now it’s time to relax and study magic. Except studying includes chores like scrubbing floors and peeling potatoes. So when a chance to travel to hot and exotic Samarshan on a dragon’s back comes along, Trix doesn’t think twice. Samarshan is ruled by a kind-hearted sultan and the locals are charming. But it’s threatened by a Transparent God. Now Trix must rely on his old friends, and his old enemies, as well as some long forgotten relatives sent into exile by his own parents. There are many dangerous meetings ahead, including with a genie, a sphinx and some desert gnomes. And all this because you shouldn’t rely on the dragon you just met.

Age Group: 11+


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