The Almanack

The Almanack Martine Bailey
Pub date January 2019
Original publisher Severn House/Black Thorn (Canongate); Audio - W.F. Howes

The philosophy of time, destiny and the stars pervade this intricate murder mystery about a young woman branded as a harlot, and her progress to redemption. The novel is inspired by almanacks: little diaries combining calendars, astronomy, puzzles and predictions that were once second only to the Bible in popularity. Each chapter is headed by one of 50 authentic riddles to involve and intrigue the reader.

1752, Midsummer. Britons consult their almanacs during the confusing disappearance of 11 days – time lost to realign the calendar with the solar year. 22-year-old Tabitha Hart, a London lady of pleasure, returns to her home village of Netherlea, following a desperate summons from her mother, whose job as the parish Searcher is to lay out the dead and record their passing. Tabitha arrives too late, finding her mother drowned and a series of cryptic notes in her almanac that describe her terror of a pursuer she calls ‘D’.

Vowing to avenge her mother’s death, Tabitha works her way into the heart of Netherlea’s great estate. At harvest-time, the grisly murder of Netherlea’s young heir sees her join forces with hack writer Nat Starling, a libertine on a mission he refuses to disclose. As September’s calendar change brings confusion, Tabitha falls in love with Nat and they begin a race against time to unmask ‘D’. But as the sun retreats and snow cuts Netherlea off from the county, Tabitha and Nat are separated and forced to face the darkest hours of their lives. With the year predicted to meet a ‘violent bloody end’, Tabitha must face ‘D’ alone.


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