Pub date 28th February 2014
Original publisher AST (Russia)
International publishers Triton (Czech Republic)

Book 2 in the Frontier series

At the first glance there is nothing in the empty foothills of El-Piro but horrendous heat, scorched rocks and savage lizards. But this is only the first impression.  The rocks are hiding the ruins of the ancient megapolis stretching for dozens of miles. There are rich reserves of precious black metal under the surface. The metal is used by “the Kechvegs” – a nomadic tribe. They have a processing plant where they melt the metal and turn it into goods.

The rulers of the neighbouring state called Helengar are preparing  a war against the nomads in order to get the metal for their royal family. But nobody knows that the young chief of the Kechvegs is the son of Boris Zaitsev, captain of the secret service of the Frontier guards. Boris is going to the Kechvegs to warn them about the coming war.  But to avoid suspicion and accusations of treason Boris decides to get his twin brother Stepan to replace him. Stepan is a peaceful and indecisive Moscow businessman. But everything goes against the plan. And Stepan Zaitsev, a simple law-abiding man, has to learn to deceive and hide, suffer pain and hunger, survive and kill.



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