Pub date 30th May 2014
Original publisher AST (Russia)

Book 3 in the Frontier series

The action takes place in the steppe and mountains of a slow-moving Southern state called Jawal. Somewhere in the area, the secret agents of the world called Hearth are going to pass over to some agents from Centrum  the specimen of precious ceramics that might replace the non-existing plastic in the Centrum.  This could enable Centrum to develop technologically and potentially become the strongest world of all due to its central position. The plot involves secret services of different countries, Frontier guards, people from the Earth, local bandits and smugglers. It’s a tricky and multi-level game.  Kostya Stepanov, a former IT man, who was hired as a porter by the traders and is not aware what is going on, suddenly becomes a central figure in the spy games and grows up and matures at the same time.

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