Quazi Sergey Lukianenko
Pub date 28th July 2016
Original publisher AST (Russia)
International publishers InfoDar (Bulgaria), Heyne (Germany)




Human civilisation may be on the verge of collapse…

Moscow, 2027. Ten years after the outbreak of a catastrophic zombie virus, the world’s population is divided into three species: humans, zombies – who are also known as ‘the revived’, and quazis – zombies who have reached an elevated, benevolent status and even help humans to combat their more dangerous counterparts.

The narrator, Denis, is a human police officer. During the apocalypse ten years earlier, he was forced to kill his own girlfriend after she was attacked by a zombie, and now devotes his solitary life to their destruction. He is not any fonder of quazis, despite the fact that they are intelligent, gentle beings, and even vegetarian. However, on a new murder investigation, Denis is obliged to work alongside a quazi officer, Mikhail, and the two gradually learn to respect and even like one another. Together they stumble upon a conspiracy that is being hatched by the quazis and threatens the future of the human race.


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