Planet Water (Планета Вода)

Planet Water (Планета Вода) Boris Akunin
Pub date 1st December 2015
Original publisher Zakharov
International publishers Ednorog (Bulgaria), Tanapaev (Estonia), Europa (Hungary), Świat Książki (Poland), Bash Kniga (Serbia)  

Following crime into the 20th century, Erast Fandorin faces a slew of mysteries over the course of three novellas, each of which explore a different genre and trace the detective’s adventures from 1903-1912.

In his “Technocratic Adventure”, our detective finds himself on a mysterious island in the Atlantic. Drawn into the hunt for a treasure galleon, Fandorin’s case is played out both on land and underwater, as he finds himself aboard a submarine in pursuit of answers.

The year is 1907 and Fandorin is back on dry land as he is faced with the cruel murder of an abbess from a distant monastery. In Akunin’s “Nostalgic Adventure”, the detective’s work and personal life collide and he must keep a level head to solve the mystery, when the victim is a former lover from his youth.

In the concluding novella – an “Idiotic Adventure” – Akunin’s writing is as fast paced and harsh as the early 20th Century itself. On the last day of 1912, a bloody murder takes place on a train in Poland. Hot on his heels, Fandorin chases the devilishly cruel culprit across Poland to the ancient town of Krakow, where the story reaches a shocking climax…



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