Oliver Fibbs: The Clash of the Mega Robots

Oliver Fibbs: The Clash of the Mega Robots
Pub date 5th June 2014
Publisher (UK) Macmillan Children's Books

Hi! I'm Oliver Tibbs, a mega-ordinary boy from a mega-brilliant family.  Sometimes my life gets a little DAB - Dull and Boring so I get creative with the truth at Show and Tell.  I guess that's why some people call me Oliver Fibbs!

Right now i'm locked in a battle with the evil genius The Boffin, who has turned my nemesis, The Show-Off, into a super robot who plans to take over the world! But i'm fighting back with a mega robot of my own!

OK, maybe i'm exaggerating...but as I keep telling everyone, THEY'RE NOT FIBBS - THEY'RE STORIES!


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