Pub date 30th September 2016
Original publisher Piper (Germany)
International publishers Dobrovksy (Czech Republic), Giunti (Italy), Xander (The Netherlands),

The sequel to Honigtot

At the new novel’s outset, Marlene witnesses the destruction of Deborah’s house on Munich’s Prinzregentenplatz by US Air Force bombs. Convinced that her friend has been killed, Marlene decides to leave Germany and join the French resistance, but after the Allied Normandy landings and the imminent liberation of Paris, her services are no longer needed there, and the General Command of the European Anti-Nazi Resistance decides to send her back to occupied Poland.

Marlene, whose real name is Anna von Durkheim, the daughter of a German aristocrat and his family’s Jewish servant, again uses all her intelligence, beauty, charm and bravery to cause trouble and damage to the Nazi occupiers. Several times she puts her own life on the line, and soon the Nazis search for her as one of the most wanted women in all of Europe – dead or alive. Underground, she develops close friendships with other resistance fighters and falls in love with an extraordinary man, a fighter who constantly risks his life to save the children he is determined to protect.

Toward the end of 1944, Marlene is suddenly faced with the gravest, most difficult, painfully heart-breaking decision she ever had to take: She could ultimately change the course of the war, possibly saving millions of lives – however, then the man she deeply and passionately loves, would inevitably have to die…



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