Paul Sharp

Paul Sharp

Paul Sharp was born and raised in Hersham, Surrey, a stone’s throw away from the birthplace of Julie Andrews.  As a child he had three ambitions: to become Prime Minister, to play for West Ham United and to write a novel.  After graduating from Leeds University with a degree in politics, Paul worked in the House of Commons as a researcher and speechwriter before entering the world of business.

After giving up work to look after his autistic son, Paul turned to writing in order to fulfil at least one of his three ambitions.  He is working on a series of historical crime novels set in Regency-era Highgate and featuring the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  The first novel in the series reached the final of the first chapter competition at the York Festival of Writing and led to an appearance on Radio Four.

Paul’s greatest moment of fame occurred in 2012 when his inability to remember the word marinade while sitting in a big black chair led to him losing a heat of Mastermind by one point.

Although Paul has given up on his ambition to become Prime Minister he is still waiting for that call from West Ham United.

Twitter: @Petersbrooking