Nadia Roden

Nadia Roden

Nadia Roden is an artist who travels freely and fluidly between different mediums. Her illustrations/animation, cooking and textiles are playful and vibrant.

Nadia was born into the world of cooking. She grew up around the kitchen and helped her mother Claudia Roden, the renowned cookbook writer, with recipe experiments and with her informal cooking school. Her first food illustrations at a young age were for Claudia’s book Coffee.

Nadia’s first book Granita Magic – a glittering marriage of food and textile design – received a World Gourmand Cook Book award, she subsequently appeared on Martha Stewart, Oprah, CBS Morning Show, and in Food and Wine and Vogue magazine.

Nadia’s next adventure was the creation of a gourmet ice lolly brand, based on unexpected flavour combinations, which created a sensation in New York. This led to two bestselling books on gourmet ice pops, one of which was translated into 15 languages.

She is currently working on an elaborately illustrated cookbook which explores the fascinating and innovative characters in the story of French cuisine – those who revolutionized what we eat and the way we eat it.

Nadia designs textiles, ceramics and art pieces for the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Her animated films have been shown at film festivals worldwide and on US television including HBO and PBS.